his official journal for microscopy in dentistry will serve the dental profession and the public by being a source of scientific, evidence-based information and an advocate on the advantages of the stereomicroscope and associated techniques in microdentistry. The Journal will publish peer-reviewed articles related to microscopy and ergonomics in all aspects of treatment and be published twice in 2020 with a 20,000-print run.

The Journal invites industry participation for providing valuable educational content, related to microscopes, enhancement for the scope, and ergonomics. It will work to educate non-microscope users and dispel the myths that dissuade dentists from adopting the microscope and similar technologies that support enhanced vision and ergonomics. Through this peer reviewed scientific publication, AMED seeks to enhance the respect and prestige for microscopic dentistry.

The first issue of the journal launched in August 2020 and be received by all members of AMED, but also distributed widely at dental meetings and be available for digital distribution on

Our Contributors and Reviewers will represent some of the foremost microscope dentists in the country. Journal Co-Editors are Drs. Wayne Remington and Jeffrey Hamilton.


Editorial Review Board (as of 10/2020)

Dr. Jean WU

  • Dr. Glenn Van As
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz Hugues
  • Dr. Ron Tankersley
  • Dr. Richard Roadcap
  • Dr. Mayer Levy

Editorial Submission Deadline: January 2021 Issue: November 15, 2020.

All submissions should be sent to Deb Goldman at

Please submit and recruit others to submit original evidence-based scientific and educational articles by November 15, 2020.

Guidelines for Authors


Journal of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry


The Journal of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry is published semiannually by the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry. In addition, the Journal is available online at Contents include peer reviewed scientific articles and abstracts, industry news and information, Academy news and information, and editorials.

Editor’s Policy

Previously published manuscripts and manuscripts under consideration at other journals will not be accepted, except at the discretion of the editor. Opinions and statements of fact are the sole responsibility of the author, and not the editor or staff of the Journal.

Manuscripts may be submitted to one or more editorial reviewers prior to publication. The identity of authors will be disclosed to reviewers when manuscripts are considered for publication. Reviewers will remain anonymous to authors, except upon written request of the reviewer.

Manuscript Submission

Original manuscripts of 700 to 1500 words on average will be considered for publication. This does not include space required for abstracts, illustrations, and references. An abstract of 75-100 words must be included. Text is subject to editing for grammar, spelling, style, and space limitations. The author’s name, title, degrees awarded, address, phone number, and e-mail address must be included. Larger manuscripts are considered at the discretion of the Editor.

Authors are encouraged to consult references such as the fifteenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2003) to assist in preparation of text and references. All manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word format, and be submitted by e-mail,, or CD.

Authors are strongly encouraged to include only illustrations in digital format, such as JPEGs. Prints and slides will be considered, but conversion to another format may preclude their use. The top of all illustrations must be clearly indicated, and each should be numbered and referenced in the text.


All references must be numbered and keyed to the text. Authors must supply the following: name of author(s), title, name of periodical, volume, number, page numbers, and date. More than three authors should be followed by et al.

Books referenced should include author, title, name of publisher and location. Personal communications are acceptable only if a signed and dated copy is made available to the Journal.

Copyrights and Disclosures

The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry will retain copyright ownership for all manuscripts accepted for publication. The author(s) agree to forgo copyrights and ownership of such manuscripts. The Journal reserves the right to edit both the title and the text of manuscripts accepted.

Authors must disclose any financial considerations, professional interests, or organizational affiliations that may influence content of the manuscript or the opinion of the author. Every attempt will be made to notify authors of manuscript acceptance prior to publication. Illustrations and CDs submitted for consideration cannot be returned; it is the responsibility of the author to retain copies prior to submission. Please allow up to twelve months after receipt for editorial review.


All Submissions should be sent to Deb Goldman at electronically. Should the document that is to be sent be too large please contact Deb Goldman via email and she will direct you where to download the article.