Advanced Dental Ergonomics with Ergonomic Loupes

Workflow, Posture, Positioning and Wellness in Dentistry in the Use of Ergonomic Loupes
Duration: 90 Minutes
Platform:  VIRTUAL

Course Outline:-

Many companies have begun to market loupes that are more ergonomically friendly for dental professionals. However, training has been minimal at best. AMED is the world educational leader in High Magnification Dentistry. This course is the only course that will teach you the effective and beneficial ways to use these new loupes.

Naked eye dentistry should be a thing of the past, the high rate of musculoskeletal disorders of 60-80% for dentists and the rate of early retirement from the profession due to limiting injuries or mental fatigue are a reality. Conventional loupes without an appropriate guide to adjust them to the individual dimensions of the user have been a limitation for the professional to acquire healthy work postures within the neutral. Currently there are ergonomic loupes on the market, which have revolutionized the high magnification market. These loupes came to solve the postural problems of many conventional loupes on the market and, in turn, generate a high optical quality to magnify and see better. 

Added to this, low-weight LED lighting systems, non-touch on and off, and video camera systems for live documentation bring this technology closer to the broad benefits already known in the dental microscope, but with a lower investment cost, portability and a much flatter, easier and faster learning curve to handle. 

In this course we will be able to address the proper use of these loupes and apply it in the office with a systematic approach to simplified positioning, starting from the biomechanics of the human body to working with four hands to perform better, without suffering from it. 

Course Objectives:-

  • Incorporate knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body and the neutral sitting posture.
  • Adapt the use of technology according to the individual anthropometrics of each operator.
  • Use magnifying glasses with a systematic positioning system.
  • Use the magnifying glasses fluently minimizing the learning curve.
  • Adapt four-handed dentistry to work efficiently with the assistant.
  • Understand the use of the ergonomic stool and its synergy with magnifying glasses.
  • Incorporate organizational office strategies that minimize mental fatigue. 


PART 1. 

  • Biomechanics of the human body, the ergonomic stool, posture.


  • Systematic positioning. 


  • Ergo loupes feature and user guidelines.

PART 4. 

  • Four-handed dentistry. The role of the dental assistant.


Juan Carlos Ortiz Hugues, DDS, FAMED, CEAS

Juan Carlos Ortiz Hugues DDS CEAS AEP is an Associate Ergonomics Professional, Master of the Academy of microscope enhanced dentistry, CEAS II, and President of the Academy of microscope enhanced dentistry AMED. He is the author of the book Ergonomics applied to dental practice. He provides lectures, training, and advice in Advanced Dental Ergonomics throughout Latin America and the United States, mainly related to dental ergonomics