Friday, Sept. 29

Courses Speaker Topic
Dr. Randy Shoup

Dr. Jorge Zapata

Dr. Glenn DeWeird

Microscope Introduction
Alan Atlas Precision Restorative Dentistry with the Dental Microscope: Clinical Guidelines for Successful CAD-CAM Restorations
Michael Bergler The Digital Patient – 3D Virtual Design & Material Selection in Dental Technology
Antonina Getsman Microscope for Kids «From the Simple to the Complex»
Arnoud Noot Stress Reducing Direct Composite (SRDC) Dental Restorations. A Minimally Invasive (MI), Biomimetic Concept
Alan Atlas Live Restorative: Loupes vs Microscope: Is There a Significant Difference for CAD-CAM Restorations?
Diego Velásquez Microscopy Assisted Tissue Regeneration in Periodontology

Saturday, Sept. 29

Courses Speaker Topic
Jorge Zapata Removal of Thirds Molars Under the Dental Microscope
George D. Strbac Guided Endodontic Surgery and AutotransplantationBetter Periodontal Health and Clear Aligner Therapy
Sam Kratchman Live Surgery: Endodontic Microsurgery
Helmut Walsch Treatment of Calcified Canals
Takuya Satoh New Approaches for Esthetic and Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Eudes Gondim Jr. Critical Issues in Defining Clinical-CBCT Outcomes and Treatment Success. From Micro Access to Restorative Treatment, What Does Really Matter?
Orest G. Komarnyckyj Definitive Periodontal Therapy Without Periodontal Surgery
Takuya Satoh New Approaches for Esthetic and Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Sunday, Sept. 30

Courses Speaker Topic
Alan Atlas Hands-on A “Restorative Microscope Protocols for Precision Dentistry with CAD-CAM Crown Preparation”
Helmut Walsch Hands-on B “Management of Calcified Canals”
Takuya Satoh Hands-on C “Modern Suturing Techniques with 7-0 Nylon” Live Surgery: Endodontic Microsurgery
Arnoud Noot Hands-on D “Stress Reducing Fiber Reinforcements for Composite Restoration”